Cable Management Sleeve for TV Computer Home Entertainment 19-20" (4PC)

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No more worrying about unsightly mess of tangled cables!

With our quality cable management sleeve, you can easily manage all kinds of cords, cables and wires in your home and office well-organized and out of sight. Two-stylish color design, black and beige are available to match any black or light background. The cord concealer is essential for keeping baby from hazards and protecting your wires from being chewed by a curious pet, bringing you a safe, comfortable and enjoyable working and living environment.


Tidy up Your Home and Office

  • It’s a simple, convenient solution for managing all of the cables behind your TV, computer, home theater, hi-fi systems, gaming consoles etc.
  • Ideal for keeping cords organized at home, office or studio. The cable sleeve zips up your wires into a neat tube while still providing easy access when necessary.

Quality Material, DIY available

  • Premium flexible and durable neoprene material allows bundling up multiple cables without tearing.
  • Easy DIY customization, cut holes into sleeves at any position to allow cables to be separated.

Great value

Pack of 4, enough sleeves and smart design enable you to expand the length and diameter to fix all your cable mess.

Large Capacity

1.2" diameter when zip-up. Each sleeve can hold up to 8-10 cables. If you need more space for extra cables, simply zip two sleeves together to double the capacity.

Easy installation

Easy to use, just gather cables together, wrap the sleeve around and zip-up, ideal for home and office use.



  • Flexible neoprene cable sleeve with zip-up solution manages and conceals cables while providing easy access
  • Form-fitting neoprene stretchy material allows for multiple cables and flexibility each sleeve can hold up to 8-10 cables
  • Easy to use, just gather cables together, wrap the sleeve around and zip-up, perfect for home and office use
  • Ideal for keeping cords organized behind the TV entertainment system and computer monitor



  • Item Weight: 6 oz
  • Item Length: 19-20 inch coverage
  • Capacity: 5-10 electric cord/cables
  • SKU: EWO-1114



US-based brand with Warranty and Customer Service Support available. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

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