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LED Light Projection for Indoors/Outdoors (Christmas or Kaleidoscope Light)

$ 18.97

Make your house stand out in the most unique and festive way with the bright lights of JUNELILY's LED Projection Light! Comes with two varied designs: a Santa Claus-Christmas Light Decor and a Colorful Kaleidoscope Light Decor.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use for a glowing and colorful presentation for everyone to enjoy!



  • PROJECTED LIGHT DECOR | Stand out with a festive and unique light show with JUNELILY's LED Light Projection! Display a projection against the wall or empty space with either a Christmas-themed design or a kaleidoscope spectacle for you and your family to enjoy
  • EASY TO INSTALL | With a flat base and a detachable garden spike, set up your projection light however you like - whether it's flat on the ground inside your home or buried from the stake in your backyard or garden, you can definitely enjoy these lights indoors or outdoors. All that's needed is a stable positioning and a nearby power outlet to turn on your lights.
  • SAFE TO USE | 15 Voltage adapter with UL certification. IP44 water-resistant and durable material can withstand weather changes. Switchable spotlight/flood light projection safe for at least 50,000 total hours
  • GREAT FOR LIGHT DECORATIONS | 180 degree rotation enables the perfect angled view to match your space with the projection area. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor light decoration. Ideal for home, patio, lawn, garden, wall, trees, lawn, garden, pond, pool, concerts, KTV, club, pub stage lighting, exhibitions, Christmas party, park, birthday part, Halloween and so much more!
  • BACKED BY COMPANY | Package includes 1x LED Light Projection (choice of Christmas-themed decor or Kaleidoscope Light); US-based Brand with Warranty and Customer Service Support available



  • 180 degree rotation for angled view
  • For Christmas Projection light, the projector bulb features a Flat Glass Reflector with 6 Mini LED bulbs to project designs for Santa, Rudolph and other winter-themed decor
  • For Kaleidoscope Projection light, the bulb features a crystal ball with multi-facet bezels to scatter and rotate the light projection for a colorful kaleidoscope-like display 

PACKAGE SIZE: 8.75 x 5.25 x 3.75 inches

Projection Light has a flat base to place it flat on the ground but also has an open gap where you can insert the garden stake for a more stable and supported installation when placing outside on the lawn or garden.


  • 1x Flood Light (with Input Port)
  • 1x Garden Stake
  • 1x AC Adapter
  • 1x User Manual


  • Please read the User Manual carefully to know the do's and don'ts of handling this kind of light
  • Make sure it's away from water and direct sun sources to avoid long-term damage and malfunction
  • US-based Brand with Warranty and Customer Service Support available. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

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